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Interested? This page is your free resource to all things G-Cloud 9 – it will be regularly updated with the most recent G-Cloud 9 information.

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G-Cloud 9 Submission Timetable

Date Activity
07.03.17 G-Cloud 9 is open for applications
07.03.17 Clarification period starts
28.03.17 Clarification period closes at 5pm (BST)
04.04.17 5pm (BST) deadline for publishing answers to supplier questions
11.04.17 5pm (BST) application deadline
08.05.17 Suppliers are told the result of their application ('intention to award')
09.05.17 10-day standstill period begins
18.05.17 10-day standstill period ends 11.59pm (BST)
22.05.17 We expect G-Cloud 9 services to be available in the Digital Marketplace


The G-Cloud suppliers’ guide explains how to apply to G9.

Remember, your services may be eligible for G9 if they fit into one of these categories:

Questions can now be asked during this ‘clarification period’ via your account on the Digital Marketplace, where all answers will be posted, and visible to all. You can ask questions between now and 5pm BST on 28 March 2017.

If you are having technical problems with your Digital Marketplace account, email enquiries@digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk

The G-Cloud 9 Team have just released their responses to some of the clarification questions sent in by prospective Suppliers. Log in to the Digital Marketplace to see.

To help with your G-Cloud 9 submissions, additional material is now available from your Digital Marketplace account. Simply log in to see;

  • G-Cloud 9 framework agreement summary of changes (PDF)
  • G-Cloud 9 call-off contract summary of changes (PDF)
  • Supplier declaration questions (CSV)
  • Cloud hosting questions (CSV)
  • Cloud software questions (CSV)
  • Cloud support questions (CSV)

Remember, that as this is a live procurement, any clarification questions must be done through the appropriate channels, i.e. via the Clarification box in your portal.

The deadline for clarification questions is 5pm BST, 28 March 2017. All responses will be published by 5pm BST, 4 April 2017.

The G-Cloud 9 framework is now OPEN, allowing Suppliers to submit applications for all their services. Your registered business contact with the Digital Marketplace should have received an email inviting your company to apply for G-Cloud 9, and pointing to all latest information such as the formal Invitation to Tender and other formal tender documents such as the proposed terms and conditions, supplier's guide and SFIA rate card template.

We'll be providing more information and guidance on how to make your submission stand out, but if you do want to begin submitting your services, just follow the steps below.

  1. Create, or log into, a supplier account on the Digital Marketplace.
  2. Start your G-Cloud application.
  3. Make the supplier declaration on the Digital Marketplace.
  4. Add service information on the Digital Marketplace.
  5. Wait for eligibility checks to be made on your information.
  6. Get the result of your application.
  7. Sign and return your framework agreement on the Digital Marketplace.

Remember, the application deadline is 5pm BST, 11 April 2017.

For the first time ever, GDS have released draft versions of the legal documents for the G-Cloud framework before opening it for applications. This gives prospective Suppliers early visibility to understand whether they should apply. Prospective Suppliers can ask questions or seek clarifications about these draft legal documents when G-Cloud 9 opens for applications.

Draft framework agreement

This is the agreement between the government and suppliers. It sets out the basic terms and conditions for buying and selling G-Cloud 9 services.

Draft call-off contract

This is the individual contract between the buyer and the supplier. It specifies the terms, conditions and prices of the services being bought. There are additional schedules that can be added to a call-off contract, these are the collaboration agreement, alternative clauses and guarantee.

Summaries of the changes made to the legal documents can be found here:

Essential information and guidance on how to apply for G-Cloud 9 can be found here
Suppliers who don't have an account on the Digital Marketplace can create a supplier account here. Suppliers with an account will be sent an email to let them know when G Cloud 9 is open for applications.
We already know that all G-Cloud 7 and G-Cloud 8 services will be removed, and suppliers must submit for G-Cloud 9 to continue selling G-Cloud services on the Digital Marketplace. Note that latest guidance states that for buyers, no new procurements for G8 services can start after the date that G-Cloud 9 services are live on the Digital Marketplace, and any G-Cloud 8 procurements already underway must be completed by the framework's expiry date on 28 July 2017.
GDS state that the existing lot structure was confusing for some users as it wasn't an accurate representation of the cloud technology market. There will now be three lots called "Cloud hosting", "Cloud software" and "Cloud support", with a primary and secondary category to help buyers to focus in on what they actually need. The draft categories can be found here.

The draft questions have now been released and are more specific to the technology being bought, and align more clearly with the NCSC cloud security principles. The drafts are available below, with feedback being sought by the Digital Marketplace team.

If you have any comments on the draft questions and categories, then simply update the comments column in the files and send to enquiries@digitalmarketplace.service.gov.uk.

They will be collecting feedback until 22 February 2017

Management charge for G-Cloud 9 will be increased from 0.5% to 0.75% of all charges billed by the supplier to the buyer. This is in response to the 2015/16 Government Spending Review.

When G-Cloud 9 services go live on the Digital Marketplace, all G-Cloud 7 and G-Cloud 8 services will be removed. All existing suppliers who want to continue offering G-Cloud services need to apply to G-Cloud 9.

Although you won't be able to start your online application until March, you can create a Digital Marketplace account now. We'll remind everyone here when they can start their application.

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